Mission & Vision

  • Mission

    “Advancing the nexus approach to the sustainable management of environmental resources”

    In line with the general mission of UNU to foster sustainable development, UNU-FLORES aims to contribute to the resolution of pressing challenges to the sustainable use and integrated management of environmental resources, such as water, soil and waste. UNU-FLORES strives to advance the development of integrated management strategies that take into consideration the impact of global change on the sustainable use of environmental resources. To this end, the Institute engages in research, teaching, advanced training, capacity development and dissemination of knowledge.


    UNU-FLORES acts at the forefront of initiatives promoting a nexus approach to the sustainable management of water, soil and waste. The Institute supports the overall mission of UNU as a think tank for the United Nations and its member states, in particular addressing the needs of developing countries and emerging economies. In this role, UNU-FLORES aspires to become an internationally recognized hub and intellectual focal point promoting integrated management strategies.

    Additionally, UNU-FLORES engages in policy-relevant research, postgraduate education and capacity development in a broad sense. The Institute attracts high-calibre students for postgraduate study and research programmes in cooperation with other research institutions. Furthermore, UNU-FLORES builds the capacity of future leaders in the area of environmental resources management and develops innovative concepts for target- and region-specific knowledge transfer.