Visiting Scholar Programme

  • United Nations University Objectives

    The United Nations University (UNU) is an international community of scholars, engaged in research, postgraduate teaching and capacity development and dissemination of knowledge in furthering the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations. The mission of UNU is to contribute, through research and capacity building, to efforts to resolve the pressing global problems that are the concern of the United Nations and its Member States. For more information please visit

    UNU-FLORES Objectives

    The mission of UNU-FLORES is to contribute to the development of integrated and sustainable management strategies for the use of water, soil and waste resources in particular in developing and emerging countries in scientific, educational, managerial, technological and institutional terms. Potential issues of focus include: urban water management, nutrient cycles and budgets, methods for reclamation and rehabilitation of degraded sites, site-specific river-basin scale water management; interaction of land use management and water inventory under differing climate conditions, efficient site-adapted waste management strategies, among others. The Institute will develop innovative concepts for target- and region-specific knowledge transfer as well as appropriate methodologies and approaches for postgraduate and professional education. The Institute is located in Dresden, Germany.

    Scope of the Programme

    The Visiting Scholar Programme of UNU-FLORES provides qualified scholars an opportunity to undertake research on the Resource Nexus in relation to agri-food and forest systems, circular economy, climate change, biodiversity, as well as other resources management disciplines. The visiting scholar will participate in UNU-FLORES activities and contribute to UNU-FLORES publications. The programme provides scholars access to UNU-FLORES facilities so that they can conduct research on an approved topic while in residence.

    Visiting scholars typically spend from 3-12 months research at UNU-FLORES. During this time they prepare one or more papers to be considered for publishing with UNU-FLORES or world leading journals, and present two seminars in their field of research.

    Selection Criteria

    Applicants should be a researcher at a research institution, university or governmental policy administration and have a PhD degree in a related field of UNU-FLORES who wishes to spend his/her sabbatical with UNU-FLORES. A good publication record is advantageous.

    Women applicants from developing countries and applicants with focus on the Nexus of Water, Waste and Soil will be highly considered.

    Available Support

    UNU-FLORES provides a good research platform, logistical, technical, library supports, as well as opportunities for collaboration on research areas internationally.

    The programme will not support fieldwork aimed at collecting data.

  • Application Procedure

    The institute offers Visiting Scholar opportunities on a rolling basis and accepts applications all year round. However, selection would only be conducted in March, September and December.

    If you are interested in participating in this programme, please complete and submit the application form to

    Please click here to download the Application Form.