“Building Resilience in Water Management with Multi-stakeholder Engagement” at World Water Week 2021

  • DATE / TIME:
    2021/08/23    07:00 - 08:25

    Image: Dan Smedley/Unsplash

    Organisers: UNU-FLORES, UNU-IAS, UNU-INRA, UNU-EHS, EURAC Research



    • Shinobu Yume Yamaguchi, Director, UNU-IAS

    Keynote Speech: “Water and Resilience”

    • Kensuke Fukushi, UNU-IAS

    Presentations on Multiple Paths to Resilience

    • Ambe Emmanuel Cheo, UNU-EHS
    • Serena Caucci, UNU-FLORES
    • Geetha Mohan, UNU-IAS
    • Saroj Chapagain, UNU-IAS
    • Gerald Forkuor, UNU-INRA

    The session will engage practitioners from public and private organisations, academia, and youth representatives to discuss and advocate for policies, practices, and innovations that could enhance the resilience of societies to water-related challenges, climate change, and unprecedented shocks such as COVID-19. Participants will also familiarise themselves with the latest international policy research on the topic.

    The event begins with introductory talks to provide an overview, followed by a discussion session where participants will break into four thematic groups and examine resilience solutions for each group, and a summary session to report on solutions, lessons learned, and best practices. In the breakout group discussions, UNU-FLORES will lead Group 2: What challenges and barriers should be overcome for the wider implementation of water reuse and build resilience? Facilitated by Serena Caucci, Floor Brouwer, Andrea Müller, and Zeynep Ozkul, the discussion will focus on what challenges should be overcome to accelerate water reuse and build resilience and opportunities for large water reuse implementation practices.

    In the interactive breakout session, UNU-FLORES aims to provide a better understanding of how water reuse could offer an alternative solution to the water crisis and highlight the key role of innovative technologies, enabling the policy and regulatory environment, scientific evidence, and investment.

    In particular, the session will highlight challenges and opportunities offered by multi-stakeholder engagement and point out the role of the Resource Nexus in catalysing the multi-stakeholder engagement.


    World Water Week is the leading annual event on global water issues, organised by Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) since 1991. The interactive session will offer a platform for interdisciplinary learning and discussion to practitioners and youth to develop a holistic understanding of resilient societies in responding to water-related challenges and unprecedented external shocks.

    The outcome will encourage more inclusive policymaking, collaboration, innovation, investment, and capacity building for stakeholders involved in water management.

    UNU-FLORES has been actively contributing to SIWI World Water Week and convened sessions in its past instalments.

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