“Next-Generation Data Assemblages for Enhanced Citizen Participation in Sustainable Development” at CODATA 2019

  • DATE / TIME:
    2019/09/19 - 2019/09/20
    Beijing, China

    Co-Conveners: Mamello Thinyane (UNU-CS), Sabrina Kirschke (UNU-FLORES)

    Image: PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay

    This session aims to unpack the complex dynamics, investigate the key issues, and highlight the lessons and best practices from case studies of data-driven engagement and participation of citizens and the public. The session considers case studies from the various domains and scenarios of data use towards sustainable development, including citizen science, community-based monitoring, crowdsourced science, and data-driven citizen engagement.

    Some of the relevant questions/investigations in this session include:

    • Mechanisms for amplifying the Human Data Interaction imperatives of legibility, agency, and negotiability (Mortier et al. 2014)
    • The quality assurance frameworks associated with the use of citizen-generated data and citizen science
    • Unpacking the dynamics of citizen participation towards the goals of empowerment, engagement, and mutual benefit
    • Data infrastructures for citizen participation and exploring issues of privacy, data provenance, data quality, and security
    • Design principles for successful citizen science projects

    UNU-FLORES is a co-convener of this session.


    Science globally is being transformed by new digital technologies. At the same time addressing the major global challenges of the age requires the analysis of vast quantities of heterogeneous data from multiple sources. In response, many countries, regions, and scientific domains have developed Research Infrastructures to assist with the management, stewardship, and analysis. These developments have been stimulated by Open Science policies and practices, both those developed by funders and those that have emerged from communities. This conference provides a significant opportunity to survey and examine these developments from a global perspective. CODATA 2019 is around the theme “Towards Next-Generation Data-Driven Science”.

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