Tag der Hydrologie – Messen, Modellieren und Managen (M3) (Day of Hydrology – Measuring, Modelling, and Managing (M3))

  • DATE / TIME:
    2018/03/22    09:00 - 2018/03/23    00:00
    Dresden, Germany

    Co-Organisers: TU Dresden, LfULG (Saxon State Authority for Environment, Agriculture and Geologie)

    At the Tag der Hydrologie 2018, UNU-FLORES experts will present in the following sessions:

    Day 1 – 22 March

    Poster Session 1, 15:00–16:00

    Mahesh Jampani will present on the “Chemical Characterisation and Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Groundwater Quality of a Wastewater Irrigated System”. The results of his work underline that groundwater pollution is highly impacted by mineral interactions and long-term wastewater irrigation. For instance, he identified the major polluted groundwaters coming from wastewater irrigated parts of the Musi watershed through multi-way modelling.

    Session 11, 16:00–17:30

    Kurt Brüggemann and Leon Zimmermann will present on “Ermittlung des Multifunktionalitätspotenzials
    von technischen Feuchtgebieten weltweit” (Determination of the Multifunctional Potential of Technical Wetlands Worldwide). The presentation will describe how an online data platform will push forward measuring, modelling, and management activities related to constructed wetlands in a multifunctional context.

    Day 2 – 23 March

    Poster Session 3, 10:00–11:00

    Leon Zimmermann will present on “Modellierung von technischen Feuchtgebieten” (Modelling of Technical Wetlands). He will provide a review of various guidelines and data from scientific literature to assess feasible design opportunities of Constructed Wetlands and to evaluate how modelling can contribute to further design development.

    Poster Session 4, 10:00–11:00

    Kurt Brüggemann will present on the “Usefulness of Questionnaires to Elicit Requirements for Web-Based Data-Platforms”. He will reflect on the survey procedure carried out to enable the analysis of requirements regarding the Constructed Wetlands Knowledge Platform.

    Solomon Gebrechorkos will present on “Regional Climate Projection Using Statistical Downscaling Model and Its Application in Hydrological Modelling in East Africa”. His work contributes to the assessment of climate change impacts on the soil-water budget and river flows in selected basins of East Africa.

    Dr Stephan Hülsmann will present on the “Nexus Tools Platform: Facilitating the Selection of Suitable Integrated Modelling Tools”. He will show how the platform serves as a database enabling the comparison of tools for integrated resources management.


    The ‘Day of Hydrology’ is a conference taking place on an annual basis, connecting scientists and practitioners in hydrology and water management in Germany and abroad. This year’s conference marks the 20th anniversary and highlights linkages between different fields of activities, such as measuring, modelling and management.

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