The 9th International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software “Modelling for Sustainable Food-Energy-Water Systems”

  • DATE / TIME:
    2018/06/24 - 2018/06/28
    Fort Collins, United States

    UNU-FLORES Researcher Karla Locher-Krause will be presenting in two sessions at the conference.

    Title of Presentation: Spatio-Temporal Quantification of Wastewater Irrigation Impacts in Agricultural Systems towards Suitable Development: An Example from the Mezquital Valley, Mexico In: Session C8: Ecosystem Services in a Context of Global Change: Quantification and Socio-economic Evaluation (room 300, 09:40-10:00, 26 June) The presentation will explore the implications of the current agricultural management on socioecological systems in the Mezquital Valley. The aim is to provide spatially-explicit information to improve the understanding of the complex interactions between wastewater irrigation, using the ecosystem services approach.
    Title of Presentation: Nexus Tools Platform: Facilitating the Selection of Suitable Nexus Tools In: Session A4: Model Integration Frameworks: A Discussion of Typologies, Standards, Languages, and Platforms (room 304, 16:20-16:40, 26 June) The presentation will elaborate on the increasing need for integrated modelling tools to support integrated resources management. Given that numerous modelling tools are available, the identification of the most suitable (set of) model(s) is challenging. This is what NTP aims to support.


    The 9th annual conference of the International Environmental Modelling and Software Society will focus on the topic “Modelling for Sustainable Food-Energy-Water Systems.” The objective of the conference is to foster the exchange of ideas and solutions leading to methods and techniques for managing these systems effectively and efficiently.

    Please consult the iEMSs 2018 website for details about the Sessions and Workshops and visit the links below for additional information.

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