UAIA Conference 2019 “Africa Towards a Circular Economy Conference”

  • DATE / TIME:
    2019/04/23 - 2019/04/26
    Kampala, Uganda

    Co-Organisers: Uganda Association for Impact Assessment (UAIA) in partnership with National Environment Management Authority (NEMA)


    Hiroshan Hettiarachchi (UNU-FLORES)

    UNU-FLORES Academic Officer Hiroshan Hettiarachchi will be giving a keynote address on “Linking Circular Economy and Waste Management with Nexus Thinking”.


    The UAIA Conference 2019 will focus on circular economy in Africa. Environmental Social Impact Assessment and socio-economic Development show that our current and future plans need to be revised. The Circular Economy has been proposed as a promising concept for achieving greater sustainability socio-economic Development. The rapid development happening now at a global scale, implies increased waste and pollution, products and materials in use, including from regenerative natural systems. This trend of affairs is continually affecting the ability of natural systems to support production. Governance systems – private and public – in the Western World have already largely embraced the concept of the Circular Economy on account of the foregone argument of ensuring nonwasteful production and consumption systems across all sectors. This has implied that in effect, the principles of the Circular Economy have proactively embedded all programmes, plans, and processes. Conversely, in Africa, the concept has not yet deepened roots even though the practical realities of wasteful use are no doubt, already biting, particularly in the ever-expanding urban settings, extractives, oil and gas, infrastructure development, agriculture and many others. The consequences of this continued production method, if left to go unchecked in the region, are definitely dire. Therefore, in Africa, there is a need for setting a change pathway across the human structural divide, covering professionals from various disciplines including decision makers, technocrats, politicians, researchers, boundary partners, planners among others. Premised upon the above synopsis the UAIA is happy to announce the 2019 Conference themed “Africa towards a circular economy”. We remain hopeful that exchange of ideas at this conference will greatly contribute towards the attainment of sustainable development goals (SDGs), particularly the elimination of wastage of resources that continues to pose a major challenge to sustainable production.

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    Hotel Afrikana, Kampala, Uganda
    Plot 2, 4 Wampewo Ave
    Kampala, Uganda