Doctoral Defence: Anika Reetsch

  • DATE / TIME:
    2022/01/14    10:45 - 14:00


    Anika Reetsch, PhD Researcher (UNU-FLORES and TU Dresden)

    In the Kagera region (NW Tanzania), the population has rapidly increased like in many other regions in Sub-Sahara Africa. To feed the growing population, more food of high quality is needed. The situation gets worse because next to food production biomass is also used for energy generation (i.e. via firewood, charcoal). To increase food and energy supply in a sustainable way, nutrient and energy cycles need to be closed by integrating more organic waste into biomass production.

    In her dissertation project, supported by the Heinrich-Böll Foundation, Anika Reetsch looks at the “Integration of Organic Farm Waste into the Biomass Production in Smallholder Banana-Coffee-based Farming Systems in the Kagera, NW Tanzania”.

    Anika Reetsch will be defending her thesis in fulfilment of the requirements of the Joint PhD Programme in Integrated Management of Water, Soil, and Waste of UNU-FLORES and Technische Universität Dresden (TU Dresden).

    Thesis supervisors:

    • Prof. Karl-Heinz Feger (TU Dresden)
    • Prof. Gerald Kapp (TU Dresden)
    • Prof. Christina Dornack (TU Dresden)
    • Dr Kai Schwärzel (UNU-FLORES)

    Thesis reviewers:

    • Prof. Karl-Heinz Feger
    • Prof. Maria Blanco (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
    • Dr Lulu Zhang (UNU-FLORES)


    The joint doctoral programme of UNU-FLORES and TU Dresden, launched in 2015, is embedded within UNU-FLORES’s nexus-oriented research agenda and the corresponding research interests at TU Dresden. The established doctoral research projects, co-supervised by researchers from UNU-FLORES and TU Dresden, are designed to reflect nexus thinking on particular problems of environmental resources management focusing on water, soil, and waste. The programme is the first international doctoral programme addressing integrated resource management in a truly holistic way.

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