eku Future Prize 2020

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  • DATE / TIME:
    2021/05/29    09:30 - 14:30

    Organisers: Saxon State Ministry for Energy, Climate Protection, Environment and Agriculture (SMEKUL)


    • Franziska Wöllner, Sachsen-Fernsehen

    Prize Presenter

    • Wolfram Günther, Saxon State Minister for Energy, Climate Protection, Environment and Agriculture

    Keynote Speaker

    Breakout Sessions

    • Prof. Marlen Gabriele Arnold, Chairholder for Corporate Environmental Economics and Sustainability, TU Chemnitz
      Impulse presenter: Anja Unger, Headmistress of the BSZ for Agriculture and Nutrition Dresden
    • Prof. Edeltraud Guenther, Director, UNU-FLORES
      Impulse presenter: Prof. Franzke, Business Director of the Institute for Air and Refrigeration Technology, Non-profit Company
    • Ralf Elsässer, Board Member of the State Association for Sustainable Saxony e.V., Dresden
      Impulse presenter: Anja Nixdorf-Munkwitz, Managing Director of the Hirschfelde Power Plant Foundation
    • Corinna Altenburg, Scientist and Team Leader at the German Institute of Urban Affairs
      Impulse presenter: Tobias Meier, Mayor, City of Taucha

    The event recognises the efforts of different aspects of society to raise awareness and contribute to environmental sectors such as climate protection, resource conservation, circular economy, and regional value creation.

    UNU-FLORES Director, Prof. Edeltraud Guenther, joins the State Minister as a Keynote Speaker; a research team from UNU-FLORES (Atiqah Fairuz Salleh, Dr Nora Adam and Lisa Junge – with Dr Jon Morris and Professor Remmer Sassen from Strategic Partner, TU Dresden) are presented with the eku (Energie, Klima, Umwelt) Future Prize, and Prof. Guenther also hosts a workshop for the award recipients and attendees of the event, titled “Geschäftsmodelle für eine Kreislaufwirtschaft aus einer Ressourcen-Nexus Perspektive”.


    Climate protection, resource conservation, circular economy, regional value creation – many SMEKUL topics rely on initiative and cooperation from all parts of society. In 2020, SMEKUL awarded the first eku Future Prize to support existing local and regional engagement in these topics, and publicly acknowledge the commitment of these communities to the environment.

    To conclude the first round of the eku Future Prize, and to kick off the second, the Minister of State, Wolfram Günther invites experts from across civil society, science, and administrative sectors to the C3 Carlowitz Congresscentrum Chemnitz.

    The purpose of this event is to honour the winners of the eku Future Prize 2020, and to support initiative, the exchange of experience, and mutual networking to make rapid progress towards a sustainable future, and to encourage others to learn from these endeavours.

    This event provides a unique insight into the perspectives of leaders in environmental actions, including:

    • Applicants and award winners of the eku Future Prize 2020
    • Committed entrepreneurs
    • Civil society actors
    • Education and research institutions
    • Representatives of local government

    You can save carbon emissions and join this very special hybrid event from your home computer.
    Register, tune in and be inspired by the projects, vision, and dedication of these award winners from all over Saxony.

    The registration for this event has now closed.

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