International Dialogue on Working at the Science-Policy Interface

  • DATE / TIME:
    2019/06/11    18:30 - 21:30
    Dresden, Germany

    Organiser: UNU-FLORES

    Image: Jan Rieger/clever pictures

    Why does good science not always inform policy? The importance of researchers and decision-makers working across sectors to develop scientifically sound policy is not a new concept. Particularly in relation to sustainable development, it is one of the most commonly stated approaches.

    Nevertheless, the scientific and policy communities are still organised according to sectoral and disciplinary structures, and true dialogue is rare. UNU-FLORES is convening an International Dialogue on “Working at the Science-Policy Interface,” to discuss how we can increase policy-relevant academic inputs to the decision- and policy-making process.

    Using the examples of advancing the Safe Use of Wastewater in Agriculture (SUWA) in Colombia and monitoring the sustainability of rural water supplies in Tanzania, we will learn how science and policy actors have worked together on research and policy formulation. A scientist and a ministry representative from both projects will share their experiences and lessons learned. They will shed light on how science can take up a question or a need from the policy sector, or how, vice versa, policy can take up a topic raised by scientists.

    Following the formal programme, participants will have the opportunity to engage directly with UNU-FLORES colleagues during the reception. Focusing on the concept of interaction and exchange which is at the heart of any productive dialogue, emphasis during the reception will be placed on providing interactive spaces to encourage and foster discussion.

    Preliminary Programme

    18:30-20:00 Scientific Programme

    Welcome I The Value of Working with the Policy Sector for Academia

    Prof. Hans Müller-Steinhagen (Rector, TU Dresden)

    Panel Discussion I Bridging the Science-Policy Divide: Examples from UNU-FLORES

    Prof. Manfred Buchroithner (Professor of Cartography, TU Dresden)
    Ms Natalia Jiménez (UNU-FLORES Visiting Scholar & Alexander von Humboldt Fellow)
    Mr Carlos Andres Palacio (Specialised Professional of the Directorate of Integrated Management of Water Resources, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Colombia)
    Ms Sekela Twisa (PhD Researcher, Joint PhD Programme of UNU-FLORES and TU Dresden &  Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Tanzania)


    The Science-Policy Interface in the UN System and UNU’s Policy Impact
    Dr David Malone (Rector, UNU & Under-Secretary-General, UN)

    The Future of Nexus Research for Policy Impact at UNU-FLORES
    Prof. Edeltraud Guenther (Director, UNU-FLORES)


    20:00–21:30 Reception and the Nexus Approach Exhibition



    Technische Universität Dresden, Dülfersaal
    Dülferstraße 1
    01069 Dresden