PhD Defence: Janis Kreiselmeier

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    2020/06/26    13:00 - 16:00


    Janis Kreiselmeier, PhD Researcher (UNU-FLORES and TU Dresden)

    As the demand for agricultural products and the occurrence of extreme weather conditions increase, the resources soil and water are more and more under strain. Thus, an adaptive land use as a preventative element for soil and water conservation gains in importance. Planning of adaptation strategies is often based on the application of numerical models. With these models, the impact of hypothetical changes in land use under recent and changing climatic conditions on plant growth and water balance components can be estimated and evaluated. As a pre-requisite in existing models, soil hydraulic properties are seen to be temporally constant. However, previous studies have shown that soil structure and with it, the soil hydraulic properties change significantly as a result of land use and management. If the dynamics of soil structure are neglected, the uncertainty in the model results increases. This could lead to incorrect planning and more resources-consuming land use.

    In his dissertation project “Development of Models to Predict Land-Use-Induced Soil Pore-Space Changes and their Hydrological Impacts (SoilPoreDyn)”, Janis Kreiselmeier aims to quantify changes in soil hydraulic properties over a growing season and characterise soil structure under different conventional and conservation tillage regimes. Using field and lab methods such as hood infiltrometers and transient evaporation experiments, his work lays the foundation for a better process understanding of differently managed arable soils to ultimately improve modelling of water in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum.

    In fulfilment of the requirements of the Joint PhD Programme in Integrated Management of Water, Soil, and Waste of UNU-FLORES and Technische Universität Dresden (TU Dresden), Janis Kreiselmeier will be defending his thesis entitled “Temporal Changes in the Soil Pore Size Distribution and Variability of Soil Hydraulic Properties under Long-term Conventional and Conservation Tillage”.

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    The Joint PhD programme of UNU-FLORES and TU Dresden, launched in 2015, is embedded within UNU-FLORES’s nexus-oriented research agenda and the corresponding research interests at TU Dresden. The established PhD research projects, co-supervised by researchers from UNU-FLORES and TU Dresden, are designed to reflect nexus thinking on particular problems of environmental resources management focusing on water, soil, and waste. The programme is the first international PhD programme addressing integrated resource management in a truly holistic way.

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