PhD Defence: Solomon Hailu Gebrechorkos

  • DATE / TIME:
    2018/09/28    10:00 - 13:00
    Dresden, Germany


    Solomon Gebrechorkos, PhD Researcher (UNU-FLORES and TU Dresden)

    Agricultural productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is low due to poor natural resources management and limited capacities to adapt to adverse weather, climate variability, and extreme events. One particular challenge is the lack of high-quality climate observation data required for analysing trends, validating regional climate models, and as input for impact models.

    In his dissertation project, Solomon Hailu Gebrechorkos aims to synthesise climate data from regional climate models, remote sensing, and meteorological stations. These data, after careful evaluation, allow analysing climate trends at high spatial resolution and can serve as input for climate projections and impact assessments to support a Nexus Approach towards the management of water and soil resources in East Africa. In his first journal publication, he studied the changes in temperature and precipitation extremes in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania.

    In fulfilling the requirements of the Joint PhD Programme in Integrated Management of Water, Soil, and Waste of UNU-FLORES and Technische Universität Dresden (TU Dresden), Solomon Hailu Gebrechorkos will be defending his thesis entitled “Assessing and Synthesizing Climate-Related Data for Integrated Water-Soil Management in East Africa”.

    Thesis supervisors:

    • Prof. Christian Bernhofer (TU Dresden)
    • Dr Stephan Hülsmann (UNU-FLORES)
    • Dr Amanuel Zenebe Abraha (Mekelle University)


    The Joint PhD programme of UNU-FLORES and TU Dresden, launched in 2015, is embedded within UNU-FLORES’s nexus-oriented research agenda and the corresponding research interests at TU Dresden. The established PhD research projects, co-supervised by researchers from UNU-FLORES and TU Dresden, were designed to reflect nexus thinking on particular problems of environmental resources management focusing on water, soil, and waste. The programme is the first international PhD programme addressing integrated resources management in a truly holistic way. This PhD defence marks the first of the series since the inauguration of the programme.


    9th floor, Seminar Room
    Ammonstrasse 74
    01067 Dresden