The Nexus in Education and Career Development

  • DATE / TIME:
    2022/11/29    14:00 - 16:00

    Image: iStockphoto/Prostock-Studio

    Organisers: Nexus Project ClusterCOST Action NEXUSNET 


    • Serena Caucci, United Nations University, UNU-FLORES
    • Floor Brouwer, United Nations University, UNU-FLORES
    • Zakhar Maletskyi, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
    • Tamara Rađenović, University of Niš
    • Kirsten Rowell, University of Colorado
    • Tafadzwa Mabhaudhi, Sustainable and Resilient Food Production Systems (SuRF) at IWMI
    • Nikos Mellios, University of Thessaly
    • Alexandra Spyropoulou, University of Thessaly
    • Tore Sætersdal, University of Bergen
    • Ronald PD Semyalo, Makerere University
    • Naomi Timmer, European Junior Water Programme

    The webinar ‘The Nexus in Education and Career Development’ aims to explore the ways to strengthen the role of the Nexus concept in high school and university education.

    The event will provide a platform to showcase successful examples of adopting Nexus in education and training. The event will include expert opinions on expectations and needs to develop a Nexus curriculum in universities and identify potential barriers and opportunities to reinforce its implementation.

    The global outlook of the Webinar will provide a perspective on the Nexus curriculum over the world and the importance of the role of creating synergies to overcome the challenges.

    Please note that registration for this event has now opened.


    The Nexus Project Cluster (NPC), initiated in 2018, is a group of independent research initiatives that team up to increase communication and dissemination of the Nexus to create a more significant impact. Activities of the Cluster are related to water, energy, food, land and climate. They also address critical societal challenges like public health and rural-urban development.

    COST Action NEXUSNET is an international network of researchers collaborating with universities, research institutions, policymakers and the business sector. They aim to increase understanding of how the water-energy-food Nexus fosters policy coherence and biophysical interactions in the domains of water, energy and food, supporting the transition towards a circular and low-carbon economy in Europe. The network focuses on job creation, enhancing wellbeing, establishing broad synergies and caring for the environment.

    UNU-FLORES is part of the NPC and the COST Action NEXUSNET, with Dr Floor Brouwer as Chair of the NPC and Vice-Chair of the COST Action NEXUSNET, and Dr Serena Caucci, UNU-FLORES as member of the Steering Committee and leader of NEXUSNET Working Group 6 (WG6) on Stakeholder Engagement. Zeynep Ozkul, UNU-FLORES is actively participating in the activities organised by the NPC and the WG6 COST Action NEXUSNET.

    This event is part of a three-part event series. UNU-FLORES is responsible for the facilitation of the events.

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