Weltoffenes Dresden

  • DATE / TIME:
    2022/02/09 - 2022/02/20
    Dresden, Germany

    Organiser: #WOD Weltoffenes Dresden

    To commemorate the destruction of Dresden in World War II, and encourage an artistic confrontation with the events of 13 February 1945, #WOD – Weltoffenes Dresden organise an extensive joint poster campaign in public places.

    In 2022, the joint commemoration is centred around the topic of peace. Following the motto WELT – OFFEN – (GE)DENKEN, the event addresses people in many places around the world who, knowing about the past, want to shape a common peaceful future in the present.

    Two photos from the Sustainability Stories Photo and Video Competition jointly organised by UNU-FLORES and Technische Sammlungen Dresden (TSD) form part of the #WOD poster campaign.

    The competition was launched in March 2021 and called on professional and amateur photographers and videographers to advocate for the Resource Nexus and sustainability through a photo and video storytelling contest.


    #WOD Weltoffenes Dresden is an open alliance of cultural institutions in Dresden founded in 2014. Together they stand up for a cosmopolitan, solidary society, and set an example for a respectful approach to Germany’s democratically constituted liberal society and culture.

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