Nexus Observatory Workshop “Water-Wastewater-Soil Nexus in Asia”

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  • DATE / TIME:
    2014/12/11 - 2014/12/12
    Hayama, Japan

    Workshop Objectives:

    • Development of short concept notes clarifying the water-soil-waste nexus in context of urbanization in Asia.
    • Identification of stakeholders in relevant ministries/authorities to establish a regional hub on environmental resources management in Asia to realize the core mandate of the consortium.
    • Defining context (boundary and scale conditions) for project data that can be hosted on the Nexus Observatory server.
    • Finalization of the design of a policy round table at the Dresden Nexus Conference (Session 10) to present the concept notes and report on plans for consortium formation.
    • Forward planning regarding case studies that can be developed based on concept notes in the form of a chapter in a Springer Brief by June 2015.
  • Nexus Observatory Workshop "Water-Wastewater-Soil Nexus in Asia" (Poster)

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    Hayama, Japan