Simul+ Werkstatt Ernährungswirtschaft: Verhüllen.Verführen.Verwerten

  • DATE / TIME:
    2019/11/13    09:30 - 16:00
    Wittichenau, Germany

    Organiser: Saxon State Ministry for the Environment and Agriculture (SMUL)

    The emergence of reusable nets instead of disposable bags, packaging-free shops, and refill packaging shows a significantly increased importance of packaging in public discussion. With the entry into force of the new Packaging Act, the following questions have become more important: How can packaging be reduced? How can the recyclability of packaging be improved? How can and should established ones be replaced by more sustainable packaging? Which consequences for process and product must be considered?

    The event Simul+ Workshop Food Industry: Wrap. Seduce. Recycling – Packaging between Design Object and Environmental Problem (Simul+ Werkstatt Ernährungswirtschaft: Verhüllen.Verführen.Verwerten – Verpackungen zwischen Designobjekt und Umweltproblem) aims to discuss current topics with interesting partners from practice and research across all industries and to develop new ideas. In working groups, experiences are shared, and project approaches formulated together. After the event, the organiser supports the further development of concrete projects.

    UNU-FLORES carries out research in the field of integrated resource management. Environmental resources are especially essential for companies that use plant or animal products and packaging in their supply chains. UNU-FLORES experts – Dr Nora Adam and Dr Lulu Zhang – will join the group workshop sessions to answer questions about these aspects and, together with partners from practice and research, help develop new ideas or concrete research projects.

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    Krabat Milchwelt
    MKH Agrar-Produkte-GmbH Wittichenau
    Kotten 2
    02997 Wittichenau