Gadedjisso-Tossou, Agossou

PhD Researcher

  • Agossou Gadedjisso-Tossou
    UNU-FLORES, Ammonstrasse 74, Dresden, 01067, Germany
    +49 351 8921 9370

    Research Interests

    • Agricultural Economics
    • Climate Change Adaptation & Social Resilience
    • Water Resources Management


    • M.Sc. University of Lomé, Climate Change and Human Security, Degree Date: November 2014
    • Engineering Diploma University of Lomé, Agricultural Economics, Degree Date: December 2009

    Biographical Statement

    Agossou Gadedjisso-Tossou is a PhD researcher in the Water Resources Management Unit at UNU-FLORES. His research at UNU-FLORES focuses on Future Irrigation Water Demand in Agriculture in West Africa. Before joining UNU-FLORES, Agossou was a Research Assistant at the Research Laboratory on Poverty and Sustainable Food Security (LARPSAD) at Université de Lomé in Togo. At LARPSAD he worked on various projects with institutions such as Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Islamic Development Bank (IDB), the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), African Union (AU), and Ministries of Agriculture and Environment and Forest Resources of Togo, among others. Agossou received his engineering diploma in Agricultural Economics from the Université de Lomé and his Master of Science degree in Climate Change and Human Security with a focus on Vulnerability Analysis from the West African Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use (WASCAL) and Université de Lomé.

  • Articles

    • Gadédjisso-Tossou, Agossou, Avellán, Tamara and Schütze, Niels (2018). Potential of Deficit and Supplemental Irrigation under Climate Variability in Northern Togo, West Africa. Water, 10(12), 1-22
    • Gadédjisso-Tossou A., Abbey A. G., Egbendewe M. A (2016). Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Smallholder Farmers’ Crop Production-based Revenue in Togo. Journal of Agriculture and Environment for International Development – JAEID 2016, 110 (2): 229-248 DOI: 10.12895/jaeid.20162.453
    • Gadédjisso-Tossou, A. (2015) Understanding Farmers’ Perceptions of and Adaptations to Climate Change and Variability: The Case of the Maritime, Plateau and Savannah Regions of Togo. Agricultural Sciences, 6, 1441-1454.