Froemder, Christina

Associate Programme Officer: Capacity Development in Sustainability and Innovation Management

Selected Publications
  • Christina Froemder
    UNU-FLORES, Ammonstrasse 74, Dresden, 01067, Germany
    +49 351 8921 9380

    Research Interests

    • Capacity Development
    • Education and e-learning
    • Sustainable waste management practices
    • Technical cooperation in developing economies


    • EngD (engineering doctorate), Sustainable Materials & Manufacturing, University of Warwick, United Kingdom (successfully defended in 2020)
    • MSc, Sustainable Materials & Manufacturing, University of Warwick & Cranfield and Exeter University (Joint Award), United Kingdom (2019)
    • MSc (Dipl.-Ing.), Mechanical Engineering, TU Dresden, Germany (2014)


    • Project manager of the “Chair for Sustainability and Textile Innovation” project

    Biographical Statement

    Prior to joining UNU-FLORES, Ms Christina Froemder co-founded interdisciplinary networks with her university and local small to medium enterprises (SMEs). Christina has extensive knowledge of environmental engineering, circular economy, and sustainable business models. She also worked at ELG Carbon Fibre Ltd (now named Gen 2 Carbon) in the U.K. and has worked as a volunteer teacher at the College of Aviation in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    Further Information

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  • Articles

    • Durif, Caroline, Christina Frömder, Christian Affolter, Wolfgang Lippmann, and Thomas Graule. 2015. “Aquacasting-A New Shaping Concept for Water Based Reactive Tape Casting.” Journal of the European Ceramic Society 35 (13): 3633–40.

    Conference Proceedings

    • Froemder, Christina, Kerry Kirwan, Stuart R. Coles, Felipe Cicaroni Fernandes, Neil Reynolds, Peter R. Wilson, and Felipe C. Fernandes. 2018. “Investigation of the Processability of Hybrid Thermoplastic Nonwoven Including Recycled Carbon Fibre through Fast Stamping.” SAMPE Europe Conference Proceedings.