Dziumla, Juliane

Associate Sustainability and Impact Officer

  • Juliane Dziumla
    UNU-FLORES, Ammonstrasse 74, Dresden, 01067, Germany
    +49 351 7999 3817

    Research Interests

    • Agricultural Development
    • Environmental Change & Sustainable Development
    • Sustainability
    • Sustainable urban development


    • Master of Arts, Environment, Politics and Globalisation, King´s College London, UK (2013)
    • Bachelor of Arts, Media Management, University of Applied Sciences Mittweida, Germany (2012)


    • Sustainability Coordinator, UNU-FLORES
    • Executive Associate, UNU-FLORES
    • Assistant for Marketing and Educational Guidance, HOGA Schulen
    • PR and Business Development, TerraCycle

    Biographical Statement

    As the UNU-FLORES Associate Sustainability Officer, Juliane is responsible for the institute’s environmental inventory and sustainability performance. She also coordinates projects related to sustainable development and its regional implementation alongside a wide range of stakeholders.

    In response to the success of the UNU-FLORES Green Committee, and the increasing uptake of sustainable strategies, the position of Sustainability Coordinator is one that UNU-FLORES has pioneered. As of 2019 the Institute has maintained carbon neutrality, and is acting as the pilot entity to implement the UN Sustainability Strategy across the United Nations University.

    Juliane is passionate about sustainability and is dedicated to working towards a greener future. Prior to joining UNU-FLORES, she worked in the Business Development department of the recycling company, TerraCycle, where she produced business proposals for new recycling products, and then as a marketing assistant for HOGA Schools. In her role as an academic coordinator, Juliane led the UNU-FLORES/UNEP project on Sustainable Infrastructure in Chile. She is also conducting Doctoral Research in the field of innovative urban agriculture, as part of her study, Juliane focuses on Vertical Farming and its potential to support sustainable food production and assist in the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals.