Cortat, Luisa

Research Associate

Selected Publications
  • Luisa Cortat
    UNU-FLORES, Ammonstrasse 74, Dresden, 01067, Germany

    Research Interests

    • Development Governance
    • Environmental Chemical Exposure
    • Environmental policy
    • International environmental law and governance


    • PhD, International Environmental Law, Maastricht University, Netherlands (2020)
    • PhD, Human Rights, Vitoria Law School (FDV), Brazil (2020)
    • Master, Human Rights, Vitoria Law School (FDV), Brazil (2013)


    • Research Associate, Global Governance Centre - Graduate Institute Geneva
    • Researcher, Mandate of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Toxics and Human Rights
    • Guest Researcher, Max Planck Institute Luxembourg

    Biographical Statement

    Luísa Cortat Simonetti Gonçalves is a Research Associate at UNU-FLORES and external assistant for environmental law at the Academy of European Law ERA. She has a PhD degree from Maastricht University (The Netherlands) and a PhD degree cum laude from Vitoria Law School (FDV). She also holds a master’s in Human Rights and a law degree from FDV, and a physics degree from the Federal University of Espirito Santo. She specialised in Environment and Economics at the Federal University of Parana. Recently, she was research associate at the Global Governance Centre – Graduate Institute Geneva, visiting scholar on a Green Talents Award scholarship at UNU-FLORES, and guest researcher at the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg. She is also a law lecturer and has worked as extension coordinator and head of the international relations office at FDV. Luísa also has experience as a civil diplomat, having represented Brazil in events such as G20 Youth Summit and UNFCCC-COP.

  • Articles

    • FRIZERA, Thiago; GONCALVES, Luisa Cortat Simonetti; PEDRA, Adriano Sant’Ana. 2021. “O dever humano de promoção da saúde: a aviação comercial internacional em períodos de calamidade sanitária e do retorno à normalidade.” Brazilian Journal of International Law 18(2): 55-71. doi: 10.5102/rdi.v18i2.7335
    • GONÇALVES, Luísa Cortat Simonetti. 2021. “(Cases PlasticsEurope v European Chemicals Agency) Through the ways of justice in an unhealthy war: BPA to an end in Europe?” European Journal of Consumer Law. January-March 2021: 153-163.
    • GONÇALVES, Luísa Cortat Simonetti. 2021. “The effects of plastics on climate change: an analysis of potential responses within the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).” Oxford Yearbook of International Environmental Law. doi: 10.1093/yiel/yvab001
    • GONÇALVES, Luísa Cortat Simonetti; PEDRA, Adriano Sant’Ana. 2020. “Third World Approaches to The International Law: Warnings and The Urgency to Face The Plastic Soup.” Revista Internacional de Direito Ambiental IX(25): 11-38.
    • GONÇALVES, Luísa Cortat Simonetti; PEDRA, Adriano Sant’Ana. 2020. “Deveres Internacionais e Obrigações Acessórias: Obrigações Socioambientais para Empresas Multi e Transnacionais.” Brazilian Journal of International Law 17(3): 519-537. doi: 10.5102/rdi.v17i3.6965
    • GONÇALVES, Luísa Cortat Simonetti; FAURE, Michael G. 2019. “International Law Instruments to Address the Plastic Soup.” William & Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review 3(43): 870-948.
    • GONCALVES, Luisa Cortat Simonetti. 2018 “Empreendedorismo Particular e Dever Fundamental de Diagnosticar e Planejar. Revista de Direito Ambiental da Revista dos Tribunais (RT) – Reuters Editors 89.


    • GONÇALVES, Luísa Cortat Simonetti. Legal Remedies against the Plastic Pollution of the Oceans: an analysis of public international law and private initiatives to face the plastic soup. Leiden: ProefschriftMaken, 2020.
      Available online at:

    Book Chapters

    • SILVA, Marta Santos; GONÇALVES, Luísa Cortat Simonetti. Nudging Consumers Towards Sustainable Practices Regarding Plastics in a Post-COVID-19 Europe. In: HONDIOUS, Ewoud et. al. (ed.) Coronavirus and the Law in Europe: Examining coronavirus-related legislation and its consequences in European states. 20 August 2020. Intersentia Online. Available at:
    • GONÇALVES, Luísa Cortat Simonetti ; FABRIZ, Daury César . Dever Fundamental: a construção de um conceito. In: Cristhian Magnus De Marco; Maria Cristina Cereser Pezzella; Wilson Steinmetz. (Org.). Série Direitos Fundamentais Civis: teoria geral e mecanismos de efetividade no Brasil e na Espanha – Tomo I. 1ed.Joaçaba: Editora Unoesc, 2013, v. 1, p. 87-96.