Walz, Matthias

Senior Scientist for Sustainable Finance

Selected Publications
  • Matthias Walz
    UNU-FLORES, Ammonstrasse 74, Dresden, 01067, Germany

    Research Interests

    • Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Performance
    • Resource nexus
    • Sustainable finance


    • PhD, Corporate Sustainability, TU Dresden, Germany (2022)
    • MSc, Information Systems, London School of Economics, UK (1995)
    • Diplom-Kaufmann, Business Administration, Uni Augsburg, Germany (1994)


    • Senior Scientist for Sustainable Finance (UNU-FLORES)
    • Geschäftsführer, E|2 Strategies GmbH
    • Researcher, HYPO Consult GmbH

    Biographical Statement

    Matthias Walz is a Senior Scientist for Sustainable Finance at UNU-FLORES. Matthias is interested in researching the equitable reconciliation of the basic human needs with resource consumption within planetary boundaries. As a sustainable finance expert working on enhancing corporate sustainability in relation to material flow cost accounting as an enabler for circular economy thinking. His focus on the conceptual advancement of the Resource Nexus includes targeted studies relating to sustainable finance, education, capacity development, and quality assurance. He has extensive experience in the financial industry and was responsible for projects in the areas of M&A, private equity and IPOs, as well as conducting research.

  • Articles

    • Walz, M., & Guenther, E. 2021. What effects does material flow cost accounting have for companies?: Evidence from a case studies analysis. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 25(3): 593–613.
    • Günther, E., Rieckhof, R., Walz, M., & Schrack, D., 2017. Material flow cost accounting in the light of the traditional cost accounting. uwf UmweltWirtschaftsForum, 1–10
    • Günther, E., Rieckhof, R., Schrack, D., & Walz, M. 2016. Materialflusskostenrechnung im Lichte eines klassischen Kostenrechnungsverständnisses–Versuch einer Annäherung. In: H. Ahn, M. Clermont, R. Souren (Eds.), Nachhaltiges Entscheiden: 149-174. Wiesbaden: Springer