Misleh, Denise


Selected Publications
  • Denise Misleh
    UNU-FLORES, Ammonstrasse 74, Dresden, 01067, Germany
    Chilean, Czech

    Research Interests

    • Geography
    • Political and institutional aspects of governance
    • Political economy of sustainable development
    • Sustainable development


    • PhD, Human Geography, The University of Manchester (2021)
    • MA, Global Studies, Universitat Leipzig, Germany (2011)
    • BA, political science, Ponitificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile (2008)


    • Consultant at UNU-FLORES, Project: Barriers to Sustainable Infrastructure in Chile
    • Researcher at Laboratorio de Gobierno, Chile

    Biographical Statement

    Denise Misleh is currently working at UNU-FLORES as a Consultant part of the Barriers to Sustainable Infrastructure in Chile project, which focuses on the identification of the hurdles obstructing sustainable infrastructure and supporting the formulation of practical plans to overcome these obstacles. Denise’s research interests are focused on the issues of rural territorial development, socio-ecological transitions, alternative economies, neoliberalism and processes of public and social innovation. She has experience working within the public sector and civil society organisations, during which she conducted various academic research activities and the coordination of projects. Additionally, she has teaching experience as an Assistant Lecturer within the Geography Department at the University of Manchester.

  • Articles

    • Misleh, Denise (2022) “Moving beyond the impasse in geographies of alternative food networks.” Progress in Human Geography 46 (4) .https://doi.org/10.1177%2F03091325221095835
    • Misleh, Denise (2022) The $16 Taco: Contested Geographies of Food, Ethnicity, and Gentrification, Joassart-Marcelli (Book Review), The AAG Review of Books 10(3).
    • Miranda, M., Flores, L., Reyes, S., Mashini, D., Misleh, D., Bettancourt, P. (2015). Valorización de los vínculos urbanos, rurales y silvestres en instrumentos de planificación territorial integrada en Concurso de políticas Públicas, Propuestas para Chile, Centro de Políticas Públicas UC.