Call for Papers: ‘Forest Ecohydrology – from Theory to Practice’ Special Issue in Forests

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  • 2022/02/22     Dresden, Germany

    Image: Lulu Zhang/UNU-FLORES

    The deadline for manuscript submissions is 31 December 2022.

    The newly emerging field of forest ecohydrology aims to understand, quantify, and utilise complex forest–water interactions. Forests’ impacts on water (quantity, quality, and timing) have been studied in traditional forest hydrology, firstly focused on the impacts of forest cover, then increasingly with forest structure and spatiotemporal patterns.

    However, the dynamic responses of forest ecosystems to water availability and other factors are slow and often delayed, and therefore less studied. Moreover, scale-dependent and site-specific forest–water interactions must be interpreted by combined ecological and hydrological process response to influencing factors and management schemes. This is vitally important for the development of forest ecohydrology.

    Against this background, this special issue in MDPI’s Forests welcomes studies presenting new knowledge, innovative methods/techniques, and models of forest ecohydrology. This includes:

    • the responses of structural dynamics and the spatial patterns of forests to water-related and other factors
    • the mechanism and scale effect of forest hydrological impacts
    • the coupling of forest eco- and hydrological processes and modelling
    • application cases of forest ecohydrology in forest management for desired ecosystem services

    Original research and reviews targeted at understanding, quantifying, and utilising forest–water interactions at various scales are particularly encouraged.

    UNU-FLORES expert and focal point for forest systems, Dr Lulu Zhang, is co-editing the special issue.

    Are you interested in contributing? Submit your manuscript by filling in the submission form at by 31 December 2022. Initial registration is required.

    Find more information on the publisher’s website.

  • Call for Papers: ‘Forest Ecohydrology – from Theory to Practice’ Special Issue in Forests

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