Call for Papers: ‘Problem Structures and the Policy Process’ Panel at ICPP5

  • 2020/12/05     Dresden, Germany

    Image: iStockphoto/Bilanol

    The 5th International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP5) takes place 6–8 July 2021. The call for papers is open until 29 January 2021.

    Resource Nexus problems are increasingly described along with structural characteristics such as wickedness or complexity. At the 5th International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP5) taking place 6–8 July 2021 in Barcelona, UNU-FLORES and the University of Stuttgart will organise the panel ‘Problem Structures and the Policy Process’ to discuss the effects of these problem structures along the policy process, particularly in policy design.

    Chaired by Dr Sabrina Kirschke (UNU-FLORES) and Dr Hannah Kosow (University of Stuttgart), the panel aims to achieve a more advanced understanding of the role of problem structures throughout the policy process, exploring the following:

    • Potential structural characteristics of public policy challenges
    • Potential impact of problem structures on policy processes
    • Actual effects on policy processes across a range of policy fields from the environment to health

    The panel is currently welcoming contributions that directly link the structure of public policy problems and their effects throughout the policy process. Are you interested in contributing? Submit your abstract by 29 January 2021.

    More information on the panel