Prof. Alcamo Chairs Advisory Committee, Prof. Tetzlaff and Dr Ofir Join as New Members

  • 2022/02/14     Dresden, Germany

    Image: UNU-FLORES

    Alongside the many new exciting projects and opportunities 2022 will afford UNU-FLORES, a new lineup of Advisory Committee members will bring their unique and valued expertise and advice to help Director, Professor Edeltraud Guenther, further shape the trajectory of the Institute.

    Chairing the UNU-FLORES Advisory Committee from January onwards will be professor of Environmental System Science and Director of Sussex Sustainability Research Programme (SSRP) for the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom, Professor Joseph Alcamo. UNU-FLORES has already benefited from Professor Alcamo’s extensive experience with the United Nations System, where he served both as the former Chief Scientist of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and as the Special Science Advisor to the Head of the UN Climate Secretariat during the final phase of negotiating the Paris Climate Agreement, and we anticipate learning from him further as he undertakes the role of Chair for the Advisory Committee.

    Joining Professor Alcamo as Advisory Committee Members are Professor Ronald Tetzlaff and Dr Zenda Ofir. Professor Tetzlaff is the current Chief Officer for technology transfer and internationalisation at our strategic partner and close collaborating Institute, the Technische Universität Dresden, and holds a Full Professorship in fundamentals of electrical engineering. In serving on the UNU-FLORES Advisory Committee, Professor Tetzlaff will both maintain and fortify the great bond between both Institutions, and UNU-FLORES will no doubt profit from his perspective both as a researcher and in his capacity as Chief Officer.

    We are also delighted to welcome Dr Ofir to our Committee. A South African scientist with a PhD in (Ecological) Chemistry, and an evaluation specialist based in Geneva, Dr Ofir spearheaded the most recent scientific evaluation of the Institute, and we are extremely privileged that she will now impart her knowledge to UNU-FLORES as an Advisory Committee Member.

    Of course, whilst it is exciting to start the year with a new Advisory Committee, this change is also a bittersweet one, as we must say farewell to those retiring Members who have provided invaluable advice to the Institute throughout the past years – particularly during the turbulence of the pandemic.

    UNU-FLORES extends our utmost gratitude to our outgoing Chair, Professor Wim Van Vierssen, who has acted as a pillar of support to Professor Guenther throughout the past two years. Professor Van Vierssen has been an indispensable advisor for several organisational activities for the Institute, including the recruitment of the Heads of Research Programmes, and the UNU-FLORES Strategic Plan, to name a few.

    Also completing his term on the Advisory Committee is Professor of Site Ecology and Plant Nutrition for the TU Dresden Institute of Soil Science and Site Ecology, Professor Karl-Heinz Feger, who has been integral in the solidification of our strategic partnership.

    UNU-FLORES thanks both Professor Van Vierssen and Professor Feger most sincerely for their dedication to the Advisory Committee and for bringing the Resource Nexus to the intersection of science and policy.