UNU-FLORES Expands Postgraduate Educational Opportunities

  • 2021/03/04     Dresden, Germany

    The new offerings provide master’s and doctoral level students the opportunity to conduct research remotely with experts at the Institute and its partners.

    UNU-FLORES launches a new educational programme – the Joint Junior Researcher Programme (JJRP) – and the Master’s Thesis Opportunity for students currently enrolled in graduate and postgraduate studies.

    The JJRP seeks to further expand and strengthen UNU-FLORES’s research and educational collaboration with the Institute’s strategic partner Technische Universität Dresden (TU Dresden). The new programme aims to build on the close scientific cooperation between the two institutions and extend it to all faculties at TU Dresden that engage with research themes related to the Resource Nexus.

    Within the JJRP, graduate and postgraduate students at TU Dresden will have the opportunity to conduct research for a master or doctoral thesis on the Resource Nexus under the guidance of experts at both UNU-FLORES and TU Dresden.

    Following the successful implementation of the Joint PhD programme by UNU-FLORES and the Faculty of Environmental Sciences at TU Dresden, the establishment of a broader joint effort further support the aim to create a new generation of environmental scientists, engineers, and managers to conduct, promote, and provide guidance on advancing a Resource Nexus approach on the sustainable management of environmental resources – through a truly multidisciplinary approach.

    In addition to the JJRP, UNU-FLORES envisions strengthening its commitment to and deepening collaboration with the Global South by offering a Master’s Thesis Opportunity to graduate students enrolled at a university other than TU Dresden. Applicants from countries in the Global South are highly encouraged to apply.

    UNU-FLORES’s extensive regional, national, and international research network offers junior researchers an excellent opportunity to benefit from unique connections to key stakeholders such as ministries, international institutions, and the UN System.