A Transdisciplinary Approach Inherent in Nexus Policymaking

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  • 2019/03/17     Dresden, Germany

    We often talk about the science-policy divide but only skirt around transdisciplinarity-related problems. In a bid to mitigate climate change impacts in an effective way, a transdisciplinary approach is increasingly inevitable due to interlinkages between resources (water, soil, waste, and energy), and between resources and society.

    This important subject was raised at Nexus Seminar No. 23 entitled “Revisiting Watershed Management: A Water-Energy-Food Nexus Perspective on the Challenge of Eutrophication” delivered by Prof. Vippala Ratna Reddy during his stint as a visiting scholar at UNU-FLORES. In his presentation, Prof. Vippala addressed in particular the process of eutrophication, by which damaging quantities of nutrients accumulate in water bodies, a process that is aggravated by climate change and human activities. The Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow highlighted the importance of addressing this issue through a transdisciplinary approach – which is at the heart of the Nexus Approach – in order to arrive at more sustainable policies.

    Source : Hydropolitic Academy

  • A Transdisciplinary Approach Inherent in Nexus Policymaking

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