Chinese Partnership to Advance Soil Research

  • 2016/09/09     Dresden, Germany

    Image: istockphoto/Buenaventuramariano

    Image: istockphoto/Buenaventuramariano

    On 15 July 2016, UNU-FLORES and the Institute of Soil and Water Conservation at the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS- ISWC) signed a cooperation agreement that will expand the collaboration between the two institutes in new areas.

    CAS-ISWC chiefly studies and resolves important issues of ecological restoration and environmental improvement in the field of soil and water loss. Having a national sphere of influence, the institute aspires to lead the development of Chinese soil and water conservation science and technology.

    The new agreement with UNU-FLORES is based on a successful established cooperation in the frame of a German Research Foundation (DFG) project that was funded in 2011. The main aim of the agreement is to continue the established liaison by increasing the direct scientific exchange between the two institutes. The promotion of young scientists, also one of the core objectives, will further facilitate the exchange of scientific and technical information.

    On the whole, the two institutes strive to increase cooperation in knowledge transfer and activities. These include but are not limited to jointly publishing books and papers, and organising academic meetings and conferences. Finally, UNU-FLORES and CAS-ISWC have also agreed to develop case-based research in a global context.