First anniversary of UNU-FLORES

  • 2013/12/10     Dresden, Germany

    Rector of UNU with UNU-FLORES team.

    Rector of UNU with UNU-FLORES team.

    One year ago, the Institute for Integrated Management of Material Fluxes and of Resources of the United Nations University (UNU-FLORES) was opened in Dresden/Germany. Since the official opening ceremony on the 10th of December 2012, UNU-FLORES assembled its team and embarked on its mission to promote a nexus approach to the sustainable management of water, soil and waste.

    One the highlights of the first year of the of the institute was the International Kick-off Workshop on Advancing a Nexus Approach to the Sustainable Management of Water, Soil and Waste. In November 2013, the workshop provided an update on existing nexus initiatives, and gave over 80 participants from the United Nations, UNU institutes, Member States, German Ministries, Academia and NGOs an opportunity to discuss achievements and gaps in research and capacity development.

    Another highlight was the visit of the Rector of UNU, Dr. David Malone, to Dresden. In September, the Rector met Mr. Stanislaw Tillich, the Prime Minister of the Free State of Saxony, and the State Minister for Education, Research and the Arts, Prof. Sabine von Schorlemer. During his visit to Dresden, Dr Malone also met Prof. Hans Müller-Steinhagen, the Rector of TU Dresden, and held meetings with the newly assembled team of UNU-FLORES (see image featured above: Dr. Malone third from left in the front row).

    The academic work of UNU-FLORES also started to produce first results with the dissemination of a number of publications focusing on the nexus of water, soil and waste. You can find these publications here.

    The year ahead

    Going now into its second year, UNU-FLORES will intensify the engagement with its partners to further advance a nexus approach to the sustainable management of environmental resources such as water, soil and waste. A series of workshops and publications are currently prepared, and together with TU Dresden, a Ph.D. program will be established before the end of 2014. More on the envisaged PhD program here.

    In 2014, preparations will also be under way for the 2015 Dresden Nexus Conference. In March 2015, UNU-FLORES and TU Dresden will establish the first of a future series of biyearly conferences. Building upon the outcomes of the International Kick-off Workshop, the Conference will assemble stakeholders from around the world under the theme of “Global Change, Sustainable Development Goals and the Nexus”. Stakeholders are sincerely welcome to actively shape this conference as a convener, panelist, or a member of the steering committee.