First Cohort of PhD Students Arrive at UNU-FLORES

  • 2015/02/11     Dresden, Germany


    On 2 February, UNU-FLORES welcomed its first cohort of PhD students in Dresden, Germany. The joint PhD programme offered by UNU-FLORES and the Faculty of Environmental Sciences at the Technische Universität Dresden focuses on integrated management of water, soil and waste, making it the first of its kind.

    During their first week, the five PhD students underwent orientation to get to know the Institute and its Academic Officers. The first semester will be devoted to learning the basic concepts of the nexus of water, soil and waste as well as important aspects of governance and capacity development. In addition, the PhD students will begin working on their research topics.

    UNU-FLORES launched the Joint Doctoral Degree Programme in Integrated Management of Water, Soil and Waste together with TU Dresden in 2014. The programme aims at providing students with detailed knowledge, critical understanding, strategies and tools to take an interdisciplinary and integrated approach towards the management of water, soil and waste. These resources and their sustainable management are of concern to the United Nations and its member states, particularly the developing countries and emerging economies. Over the course of the programme, PhD students will have access to the facilities and services of TU Dresden, one of 11 Universities of Excellence in Germany, as well as the vast network of UNU Institutes.

    To read more about the Joint PhD Programme in Integrated Management of Water, Soil and Waste, please visit here.