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  • 2019/10/02     Dresden, Germany

    A truly integrated management of environmental resources calls for a study of not only the individual components of the Water-Soil-Waste Nexus but also the interlinkages between them. From water resources to soil and land-use and waste management, researchers at UNU-FLORES engage in a number of topics around environmental management. In further advancing the nexus mindset, we also consider the governance as well as the systems perspective. To get an idea of what our researchers have been busy with, here are our recent publications:

    Impacts of Projected Change in Climate on Water Balance in Basins of East Africa
    Science of The Total Environment
    Solomon Gebrechorkos, Christian Bernhofer, Stephan Hülsmann

    It is becoming more apparent that climate change and variability are affecting East Africa’s agricultural sector. This paper seeks to form impact assessment models for Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania. In this study, researchers use a statistical downscaling model to assess the potential impacts of climate change on regions in the three countries. More Here >>

    Quantification of Soil Pore Dynamics During a Winter Wheat Cropping Cycle Under Different Tillage Regimes
    Soil and Tillage Research
    Janis Kreiselmeier, Parvathy Chandrasekhar, Thomas Weninger, Andreas Schwen, Stefan Julich, Karl-Heinz Feger, Kai Schwärzel

    Different ways of tilling the land have different impacts on soils. This study sets out to quantify, categorise, and measure how effective different methods are over the course of 23 years. Using a range of metrics, it looks at, for instance, how well the soil retains water (Water Retention Characteristic) and lets water pass through it (Hydraulic Conductivity Characteristic). More Here >>

    Soil Hydraulic Response to Conservation Agriculture under Irrigated Intensive Cereal-Based Cropping Systems in a Semiarid Climate
    Soil and Tillage Research
    Sridhar Patra, Stefan Julich, Karl-Heinz Feger, Mangi Lal Jat, Hanuman Jat, Pardodh Chander Sharma, Kai Schwärzel

    Working in environments where the ecosystem is highly responsive to change can be difficult for those who choose to live off the land. This study seeks to outline methods that may support the conservation of fragile agro-ecosystems as well as their potential long-term applications. It focuses on a variety of treatments and methods conducted in the Indo-Gangetic plains of India over the course of eight years. More Here >>

    Multi-Stakeholders’ Preference for Best Management Practices based on Environmental Awareness
    Journal of Cleaner Production
    Yi Du, Xiaoyan Wang, Lulu Zhang, Karl-Heinz Feger, Jennie Popp, Andrew Sharpley

    How should one engage with rural stakeholders? This piece seeks to increase our understanding on the different methods of engaging with non-urban populations and effectively managing various stakeholders simultaneously. The study broaches the topic through analysing a case study in water conservation zones in Northern China. More Here >>

    Modelling the Evolution of Soil Structural Pore Space in Agricultural Soils Following Tillage
    Parvathy Chandrasekhar, Janis Kreiselmeier, Andreas Schwen, Thomas Weninger, Stefan Julich, Karl-Heinz Feger, Kai Schwärzel

    This study seeks to address the various gaps in knowledge that exist in the study of soil management. It seeks to combine information in modelling studies related to pore size and hydraulic characteristics in order to assess how soil properties shift in relation to its treatment. More Here >>

    Effects of Tillage Intensity on Pore System and Physical Quality of Silt-Textured Soils Detected by Multiple Methods
    Soil Research
    Thomas Weninger, Janis Kreiselmeier, Parvathy Chandrasekhar, Stefan Julich, Karl-Heinz Feger, Kai Schwärzel, Gernot Bodner, Andreas Schwen

    How have our changing long-term agricultural management techniques affected our soil? Understanding how agricultural management practices affect soil functionality is an ongoing challenge in environmental science and agricultural practice. This paper asks how factors such as tillage intensity and pore size can affect soil through the tracking of several variables such as time, agricultural management method, and soil treatment. More Here >>

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