New Video: Meet the CEO of Korea Environment Corporation Dr Byung-ok, Ahn

  • 2023/05/22     Dresden, Germany

    Last Friday, the UNU-FLORES Team hosted a delegation from one of our partners, Korea Environment Corporation (K-eco). Part of this prestigious event included an “Ask the CEO” session where UNU-FLORES staff and students posed questions to the CEO of K-eco, Dr. Byung-ok Ahn.

    A former Vice Minister for the Environment in KoreaDr. Byung-ok Ahn has held a multitude of high-level leadership roles related to the environment, including the Korea Environmental Preservation Association, Institute on Climate Change Policy, and the National Council on Climate and Air Quality. Since his inauguration as the CEO of K-eco, three collaborative projects with UNU-FLORES have been successfully completed, with a fourth project currently underway.

    Through this inspiring session, UNU-FLORES not only learned more about the important advisory role K-eco holds in the Korean government, but also provided an opportunity to identify synergies for future projects on sustainability. 

    We are happy to be sharing this recorded session – you can find the link here

    Thank you, Dr Byung-ok, Ahn, for taking the time to answer our questions.

    K-eco CEO Dr. Byung-ok, Ahn & UNU-FLORES Director, Prof Edeltraud Guenther, sign the renewed partnership agreement