Nexus Observatory Workshop in Dar es Salaam

  • 2014/02/11     Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


    In February, UNU-FLORES organizes a Nexus Observatory Workshop in Dar es Salaam/Tanzania in cooperation with the Water Development Management Institute (WDMI) and the Ministry of Water of Tanzania. The workshop on “Water Point Mapping as a tool for advancement of the Nexus Approach to the management of environmental resources in Africa” will engage stakeholders to identify approaches that enhance the sustainability of water sources. The participants will discuss issues of capacity building as well as how to update mechanisms and modalities by which validation and inquiry processes can be undertaken.

    Water Point Mapping locates water infrastructure and collects information related to water services using ICT tools such as GPS and mobile phones. This enables the visualization of data to monitor the sustainability of water points. Water Point Mapping aims to strengthen feedback loops between decision makers and end users of water services. In this way, water point mapping can be a critical tool for planning and allocating resources and at the same time deal with issues of environmental sustainability, equity and functionality of water infrastructure. The potential uses of WPM for drought risk mitigation can be extended from drinking water to cover water points for other sectors such as livestock and irrigation.

    The overall objective of the workshop is to facilitate the cross-fertilization of ideas on applications of water point mapping as a risk management tool to ensure sustainability of water sources in Africa. Senior government officials, ministerial delegations, donor agencies, community organizations and research and training institutes from a number of African countries will be among the stakeholders that share their experiences and good practices. In addition, representatives from the private sector will also participate and share their experience on applications of mobile computing for monitoring of environmental resources.