Parliamentarians of Saxony visit UNU-FLORES

  • 2016/06/28     Dresden, Germany


    Reporting by Atiqah Fairuz Salleh, Communications and Advocacy

    UNU-FLORES welcomed representatives of the Working Group “Europe” of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) faction of the Saxon State Parliament on Tuesday, 28 June 2016. The delegation requested an informational meeting to learn about the work of UNU-FLORES and how it relates to European current affairs. Leading the contingent, the Chair of the Working Group, Marko Schiemann, was accompanied by fellow parliamentarians Christine Clauß (former Saxon State Minister for Social Affairs and Consumer Protection) and Martin Modschiedler (Chair of the Working Group for Constitution and Law), as well as parliamentary consultant Katrin Fischer.

    Central to the visit is the delegation’s interest in the sustainable use of natural resources. The year 2015 was the European Year of Development, bringing into focus the external activities of the European Union and Europe’s role in the world. With sustainable growth and the use of natural resources making up an important aspect of development policy, it is in the interest of the delegation to enter into discussion with UNU-FLORES on sustainable development, learning more about its projects and policy advice. During a presentation by UNU-FLORES Director Reza Ardakanian and the succeeding discussion, the CDU representatives learned more about the interdisciplinary research focus of the Institute in response to global change processes and in the sustainable management of environmental resources, particularly of water, soil, and waste. At the end of their visit, the guests expressed their hope that this visit will bring to fruition the start of discussions on concepts and strategies to solve global problems.