SMART-WaterDomain Project Announces Winners of Logo Contest

  • 2020/11/07     Dresden, Germany

    By Zeynep Ozkul

    The SMART-WaterDomain project (Framework for Organizational Decision-Making Process in Water Reuse for Smart Cities) has announced the results of a logo contest launched to find a powerful visual identity that would capture the innovative goals of the project.

    The SMART-WaterDomain is one of the winning projects of the EIG-CONCERT Japan call on Smart Water Management for Sustainable Society. The research project is coordinated by Dr Serena Caucci (UNU-FLORES) and brings together a scientific consortium of 11 universities and research institutions from five European countries and Japan. The mission of the project is to foster synergies among the partners to enhance smart urban water reuse uptake under a private-public partnership scheme. SMART-WaterDomain seeks at enabling factors for the application and implementation of water reuse at a broad scale and addressing the gaps between technical capabilities and actual application in socio-political environments.

    Winning design of Evin Ozkul

    At an online award ceremony, two winners of the logo contest, Ms Evin Ozkul, and Mr Edoardo Martini were given recognition for their work. Dr Serena Caucci presented them to the International Water Colloquium organised by TU Dresden, the University of Bonn, and UNU-FLORES on the topic “Cooperation in Water Management – Tackling a Global Challenge”, where they were also given a chance to connect with experts in the field. The winners were awarded certificates and a humble contribution for their work.

    The winning logo designs were chosen based on the relevance of the logo to the project, its originality, and its aesthetic quality. After reviewing many creative entries, the selection committee composed of project partners of SMART-WaterDomain selected the winning designs that encapsulate the objectives of the project and best represent its scope.

     “My logo design is inspired by the natural colours of water in its different forms and the circularity in water systems. I work in the field of brand management and marketing – the logo contest was a great opportunity for me to integrate my work in the field of sustainable development. It reminded me of the importance of reducing our water footprint, and every contribution matters.”

    Evin Ozkul, Marketing Associate, from Istanbul, Turkey

    In Ms Ozkul’s design, she highlights a city image as the central theme, compatible with the efforts of the project to support SDG 11 (Sustainable cities and communities). The modern logo design reflects the objective of enhancing smart urban water reuse via maximising the impact of digitalisation.

    Winning design of Edoardo Martini

    Dr Edoardo Martini, a post-doctorate at the University of Heidelberg, and a Guest Scientist at Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research GmbH – UFZ, Leipzig, Germany, and passionate about science illustration, designed a logo that merges some of the most immediately perceivable keywords of the project and represented them in a simple but original form. By striving to include as many different components of the project as possible, the logo successfully synthesises the complexity of the research project.

    The logo designs will shape the visual identity of the SMART-WaterDomain project and boost the effectiveness of its visual communications and assist the project partners to convey their messages to a broader audience.

    “The logo hints at the various components of the SMART-WaterDomain project: society, populated cities, industry; concepts of data and digitalisation, and it represents the uses of water for industrial and environmental applications. The design represents the key function of urban cities in the transition towards a circular economy.”

    Edoardo Martini, Scientist, from Siena, Italy

    The logo contest invited participation from all, regardless of age, gender, nationality, or discipline. The call received 18 submissions from creative minds all over the world, making it a truly international event. The SMART-WaterDomain team would like to thank all participants and congratulate them on their enthusiasm and creativity.