Saxony’s Delegation Visit to Uganda Signals Commitment to Sustainable Development Cooperation

  • 2023/07/11     Uganda

    Saxony recognizes the vital role played by civil society and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in international development cooperation. Efforts to strengthen their work and address operational challenges have led to collaborations with the public sector, local networks, and key actors in the development landscape, including international organisations. The goal is to foster cooperation and knowledge sharing, empowering NGOs to contribute effectively to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    Prof Guenther & Rev Dr Bonaventure Kyaligonza from the Hoima Campus of Gulu University

    In line with Saxony’s commitment to sustainable development, Professor Edeltraud Guenther, Director of UNU-FLORES, is currently part of a delegation led by State Minister Oliver Schenk, visiting Uganda from July 8-15. This visit serves as a signal of UNU-FLORES’ existing focus on international development cooperation and the Insitute’s commitment to fostering partnerships in this area.

    During the visit, the delegation, including Professor Guenther, will engage with representatives from civil society, the public sector, and international organisations in Uganda. Discussions shall span a wide range of topics, including fair trade, sustainability, environmental protection, social justice, and human rights. The visit also aligns with the findings of the previous UNU-FLORES research project “Advancement of Developmental Policy Cooperation between NGOs in Saxony,” funded by the Saxon State Chancellery, which aims to strengthen the engagement of NGOs in international development cooperation and enhance their contributions to sustainable development initiatives. In putting these findings into action, the delegation can achieve its aim of exchanging experiences, insights, and best practices; learning from the Ugandan context while identifying innovative strategies that can be applied to address common challenges.

    Although the visit is not directly associated with a current institutional project, it also underscores UNU-FLORES’ dedication to advancing sustainable development and the Institute’s ongoing engagement in international development cooperation efforts. Through their active participation in meetings and dialogues, Professor Guenther and the delegation, led by State Minister Oliver Schenk, are demonstrating their commitment to knowledge sharing and collaboration in pursuit of the SDGs.

    The visit also provides an opportunity to highlight the challenges faced by NGOs, such as limited financial resources, personnel constraints, and the need for knowledge and capacity development. By sharing these concerns with their counterparts in Uganda, the delegation aims to foster an environment of collaboration, encouraging the exploration of innovative solutions.

    Christian Schneider, Lydia Nakavenze-Schubert
    (Founder Moo me Gen – Oils of Hope), Prof Guenther & Makerere Uni Dean, Dr Anthony Gidudu

    Professor Edeltraud Guenther’s ongoing participation as part of the delegation led by State Minister Oliver Schenk in the visit to Uganda serves as a clear signal of UNU-FLORES’ commitment to sustainable development and international cooperation. She is also accompanied by UNU-FLORES Doctoral Researcher, Christian Schneider, who is working on analysing the barriers to the Resource Nexus in Sub-Saharan Africa.

    The insights gained from this visit will contribute to shaping policies and initiatives at regional, national, and international levels, further empowering NGOs to make meaningful contributions towards the SDGs. Saxony remains dedicated to enhancing its impact on sustainable development both within its borders and beyond.