To Lose Soil Biodiversity is to Lose Food

  • 2020/10/17     Dresden, Germany

    By Serena Caucci, Yein Kim, and Lulu Zhang

    Human health relies on organisms in our soils – they help produce healthy food by improving soil health and nutrients. The more diverse the soil organisms, the greater is the resilience, productivity, and functioning of the soil ecosystem. Soil biodiversity is essential for agriculture to be productive and at the same time sustainable.

    Unfortunately, the biodiversity in agricultural soils has suffered considerably from human activities. Worldwide, one out of six vital species associated to soil have been reported to be close to extinction due to habitat loss, deforestation, overexploitation, and soil pollution (FAO 2019). A loss in biodiversity in soils means losing food for humankind.

    The question is: which human activities contribute to soil pollution and thus reduce our soil biodiversity, and how can we address this?

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