UNU-FLORES renews MoU with K-ECO, anticipates extensive collaboration in 2023

  • 2023/01/24

    By Minjeong Choi and Serena Caucci

    Monday, 12 December 2022, saw UNU-FLORES welcome a delegation from the Korea Environment Corporation (K-ECO), with both virtual attendance and in person at the World Trade Centre, in Dresden. This meeting resulted in the five-year renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding between K-ECO and UNU-FLORES – a relationship which has proved to be highly rewarding for all involved since its initiation on December 15, 2016 (and subsequent extension in 2019).

    Prof. Edeltraud Guenther ( Director, UNU-FLORES) and Mr. Chanho Park (Executive Director, K-ECO ) renew the MoU in Dresden


    Collaborations between K-ECO and UNU-FLORES have already resulted in K-ECO’s involvement with the Global Environmental Leaders Program (GELP) to foster the education of young researchers in Korea and develop global environmental experts through training at international organisations. Thanks to the GELP Program, two K-ECO alumni are currently working at UNU-FLORES on the Resource Nexus and the Circular Economy. UNU-FLORES and K-ECO have also jointly produced two research projects related to plastic pollution governance and sustainable waste management.

    Intern (Ms. Buhyeon Cho, left) and Senior Research Assistant (Ms. Minjeong Choi, right)
    with UNU-FLORES Associate Programme Officer ( Dr. Serena Caucci ,Middle)

    UNU-FLORES greatly anticipates further collaboration with K-ECO this year, beginning with a visit by the UNU-FLORES Plastics Team to Korea in February to hold a workshop to discuss the outcomes of their recent work, and to facilitate stakeholder engagement.

    “The outcomes of the two projects have significantly helped us with plastic pollution governance and paved the way for future sustainable plastic recycling business in Korea We hope continuing a stronger relationship through this MoU agreement which will be vital for future joint activities”. – Mr. Chanho Park -Executive Director, HQ of Management & Planning, K-ECO

    UNU-FLORES Delegation:

    • Prof. Edeltraud Guenther (Director)
    • Prof. Daniel Karthe (Head of Research Programme- Resource Nexus for Sustainability Transformations)
    • Dr. Serena Caucci (Associate Programme Officer)
    • Dr. Nora Adam (Partnership & Liaison Officer – Focal Point for Biodiversity in the context of the Resource Nexus
    • Ms. Stacey Roden (HR and Policy Associate)
    • Ms. Minjeong Choi (Senior Research Assistant)
    • Ms. Halim Lee (Doctoral Researcher)
    • Ms. Buhyeon Cho (Intern)


    K- ECO Delegation:

    • Mr. Chanho Park (Executive Director, HQ of Management & Planning)
    • Dr. Seunghoon Lee (General Manager, International Cooperation Division)
    • Ms. Chaihyun Park (Deputy General Manager, International Cooperation Division).

    Representatives from K-ECO and UNU-FLORES meet to renew their MoU.