UNU-FLORES Represents Future of Nexus Research at the Dresden Long Night of Science

  • 2023/07/07     Dresden, Germany

    Isabella Georgiou reports.

    On 30 June, researchers from UNU-FLORES took part in the Dresden Long Night of Science, sharing the Institute’s research and capacity development activities from around the world with the local community .
    The Long Night of Science is an annual event in Dresden, where research institutes, universities and private entities interact with citizens in an informative and fun way. Research communication activities, presentations, games, and other interactive sessions are some of the highlights of the night. Citizens of all ages are encouraged to participate and learn about the unique and innovative research taking place in Dresden.

    As a core international research institute, UNU-FLORES’s booth saw team members welcome visitors in multiple languages – including German, English, Sinhala, Greek, and Korean – showcasing the rich and diverse cultures of our workplace. Overall, the evening was great opportunity to successfully communicate our projects, with 48,000 visitors attending the event, and more than 50 research institutes present.

    Special highlights of the evening included the presentation of the WASH initiative and its related project from doctoral researcher, Taha Longmani, which explained the implementation of decentralised sanitation systems for peri-urban areas in Brazil and Iran, and Atiqah Fairuz Saleh and Juliane Dziumla presenting their doctoral topics on vertical farming as a sustainable way to combat SDG2 by providing a solution to space efficiency in increased urbanised areas.

    Vertical Farming doctoral researchers, Juliane and Atiqah