Sustainability Maturity Cube – Business Transformation Towards Sustainability

  • DATE / TIME:
    2022/05/16    14:50 - 16:20

    Lecturer: Prof. Anna-Luisa Stöber, Macromedia University of Applied Sciences

    Sustainability is achieved through a continuous process rather than a single action, suggesting that decision-makers need the means to analyse the current state of an organisation. This lecture will explain how companies can structure a field of action to transform it into sustainability.

    It proposes a decision-making model for determining how sustainability activities should be implemented according to a value-based management paradigm, considering economic effects. In particular, the application of the approach is illustrated using the example of medium-sized enterprises in Germany.


    Prof. Anna-Luisa Stöber is a Professor of Business Management at the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences and Local Head of the Faculty for Business, Technology and Design. She worked at BMW Group in several functions for seven years. Her latest assignment is Team Lead Governance for BMW Group Experiential Marketing.

    Prof. Stöber has a PhD in business information systems and studied Finance and Information Management at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the University of Augsburg.

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