Accounting Impacts of Climate Change on Ecosystem Services Through Land Management for Agri-Food and Forest Systems Resilience.

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    Karim Pyarali

    Part of the KlimaKonform project, this doctoral project primarily focuses on the Elbe and Indus River Basin. It aims to increase understanding of the changes in environmental parameters due to climate change and simultaneously a literature review on land management tools is to be conducted. This is followed by an assessment of the impact of climate change on ecosystem services – specifically water yield and carbon sequestration – in the two river basins and the development of a localised definition of resilience for the study sites. Finally, the project seeks to create and test multiple land management scenarios to increase the resilience of the watersheds under a changing climate. At the end, this work provides policy recommendations for management of environmental services in two watersheds – one in the Global North and the other in the Global South. 

    This project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the frame of the funding initiative “Regional Information on Climate Action” (RegIKlim). 

    • Lulu Zhang Lulu Zhang Associate Programme Officer | Focal Point for Agri-food and Forest Systems & Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation