Analysis and Evaluation of the Sustainability Nexus of Reinforcement Measures with New Composite Materials

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    Waseem Ashraf

    The project aims to conduct a thorough sustainability assessment of the materials developed by the experimental group, GRK 2250. This assessment, which includes a life cycle assessment (LCA) has the potential to enhance the academic and public comprehension of the environmental impact created by these materials throughout their life cycle – encompassing raw material extraction, processing, manufacturing, distribution, use, maintenance, repair, and finally, either disposal or recycling.

    One of the main focuses of the research is the analysis of the sustainability of 3D-printed concrete technologies, along with an evaluation of novel materials for reinforcement. Such an analysis explores the sustainability of these materials while considering aspects including their functionality, robustness, and environmental impact.

    Finally, a factor of the project involves undertaking a series of Resource Nexus assessments which addresses the interdependence in the use of different resources in the production of reinforcement materials.

    With a strong emphasis on sustainability, Project C2-III is a comprehensive study that seeks to advance the field of sustainability assessment pertaining to reinforcement using novel composite materials, and presents a significant major step forward in the quest for more resource efficient and sustainable infrastructure systems. To ensure a multidisciplinary approach to the research, the project is conducted in close collaboration with colleagues from the different cohorts of the GRK 2250 Research Training Group and is an extension of Project C2 Cohorts I and II.