Barriers to the Adaptation and Implementation of Innovations related to Environmental Resources (water-soil-waste-energy) in Sub-Saharan Africa – the Case of Germany

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    Christian Schneider

    With no shortage of new ideas and innovations related to environmental resources, adapting and implanting these is vital to solving the environmental issues faced in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). As technological solutions are available, socio-economic barriers are challenging a successful implementation. Despite these challenges being recognised, the research landscape remains sparse so that this project looks to address the lack of knowledge around barriers hindering technology transfer.

    The main objective of this project is to analyse and understand the barriers to the adaption of innovations related to environmental resources in SSA. The project takes an interdisciplinary approach, combining economics with political science. The content takes the perspective of German companies and researches their collaborative activities with enterprises in SSA to implement innovations related to water, soil, waste, and energy.

    The results will have practical relevance for private sector economic actors, development cooperation institutions, and policymakers, as well as to the further research of international technology transfer.