Bringing Plastics ‘Full-Circle’: sustainable plastic management, governance and chemical recycling

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    Capacity Development
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    Serena Caucci

    Plastics account for one-fifth of the world’s waste, and contribute significantly to environmental pollution. Since 1950, more than 8.3 billion tonnes of single-use plastic has been produced and subsequently become waste.

    With more than two-thirds of all plastics produced to date ending up in landfills – and only about 6% being recycled – there is a clear need for innovation in waste plastic management and recycling technologies. This project will examine the existing knowledge on chemical recycling processes, and will evaluate the potential for sustainability based on technologic, economic, and environmental risk analyses. Additionally, the policies relevant to chemical and plastic recycling management in Europe will be assessed, with recommendations for the use of sustainable technologies and integrated legal assets for plastic chemical recycling to be presented. This topic connects to the zero pollution theme of the EMG with special focus on Plastic Pollution.

    This project is funded by the Government of the Republic of Korea under the Korean Environment Corporation (K-eco).