Budding Nexus Ideas for Sustainability Transformation in Lusatia (NEXtra Lusatia)

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    Capacity Development
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    Juliane Dziumla

    The transformation of Lusatia has already begun and will significantly change the image of the area after the coal phase out. A new world of work, different infrastructure, new natural spaces, and many opportunities, but also uncertainties, accompany the process. Lusatia’s great opportunity now is to transform itself through the necessary restructuring and become a model region for sustainability in practice. Today’s youth, who will be most affected by the coming changes, are yet heard too little and their voices not taken into account when policy decisions are made. NEXtra Lusatia wants to give young people a chance to think about a sustainable future for the region and create project ideas that implement each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) locally. Together with schools and youth societies this project gives young people in Lusatia a voice. After learning about the meaning of the SDGs, the participants of the project develop their own ideas for the region that will then be discussed with representatives from politics, business, and industry.

    The project is funded by the Saxon Ministry for Regional Development.