E-Learning Courses on Nexus Governance

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    Capacity Development
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    Mathew Kurian

    Project Overview

    Three E-learning courses covering governance aspects of the Nexus approach were developed as part of the Nexus Observatory project. The courses target decision makers and practitioners interested in aspects of financing, multiple use water services and life-cycle cost assessments of environmental projects and programs.

    Project Description

    Two rounds of E-learning courses were successfully delivered between 2015 and 2017. The online courses were intiated as part of the Nexus Observatory project (phase 1). Three E-learning courses were offered in collaboration with Saxon based and international partners. Scholarship support was also successfully secured for some of the participants of the online courses.

    The online courses offered are as follows:

    1. Green economy and life-cycle cost assessments (in collaboration with Liebnitz Institute for Ecological and Regional Planning, (IOER), Dresden, Germany and Livelihoods and Natural Resources Management Institute, Hyderabad, India)

    2. Public financing of infrastructure projects (in collaboration with University of Minho, Portugal)

    3. Multiple uses of water services (in collaboration with Imperial College London, U.K and Technical University of Dresden, Germany)

    Three DVD lecture videos and books published by Springer support each of the above online courses. The titles of the Springer Books are as follows:

    A. Inter-govenmental Fiscal Relations: Questions of Accountability and Autonomy, (Veiga, Kurian and Ardakanian), Springer, 2015

    B. Rethinking Infrastructure Design for Multi-use Water Services, (Maksimovic, Kurian and Ardakanian), Springer, 2015

    C. Life-cycle Cost Assessments of Envirornmental Resources- A Primer (Reddy, Kurian and Ardakanian), Springer, 2015

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