Knowledge Academy for the Resource Nexus (KARE)

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    Christina Froemder

    Education, capacity building, and knowledge transfer are central to the activities at UNU-FLORES, which go hand in hand with the global aim (SDG 4: High-quality education) to make high-quality knowledge accessible for everyone. The Resource Nexus shall be a widely known concept to ensure that resources are better managed, and to drive transformative change (e.g., achieving the SDGs). With that in mind, our aim is to be recognised as an international leader for advanced training, capacity development, and knowledge dissemination on the Resource Nexus, enhance the application of the Resource Nexus in policy and practice (e.g., policy pull versus science push), and simultaneously be acknowledged as a strong partner for research and advocacy. By increasing public engagement and visibility, we can make our knowledge widely accessible, inspire communities, and attract partners to collaborate with.

    Through an increased awareness around the research themes, the Knowledge Academy strengthens the Resource Nexus concept in interdisciplinary work, trains new generations of thought leaders and multipliers, and facilitates knowledge transfer globally with an increased digital footprint. The Knowledge Academy shall showcase UNU-FLORES’s work in education, capacity building, and knowledge transfer with a connection to all research of the Institute and could include (but is not limited to) the following:

    i. Mainstream the Resource Nexus across practitioners in the economy, environmental protection, and conservation

    ii. A knowledge agenda to support better decision-making, e.g., influence political agendas to better incorporate the perspective of the Resource Nexus

    iii. Connect to other branches of science, methods, and research

    iv. Learn from participants and exchange knowledge with partners

    We envision a digital platform sharing good practices of Resource Nexus applications with the focus on virtual activities and resources for inclusivity, but partially offering training in person for exclusivity.