NexThink Iran

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    Hiroshan Hettiarachchi

    UNU-FLORES promotes an integrated management process for water, soil, and waste known as the Nexus Approach. Since these three environmental resources are closely related to each other, a Nexus Approach can increase resource usage efficiency. Safe use of wastewater in agriculture is a simple but powerful example that demonstrates how sustainable management of one resource can benefit the other two. However, water reuse is not the only example around us. While some are easy to notice, there may be many other issues that we may not easily recognise as Nexus Approach-relevant. Looking at the science behind the Nexus Approach and raising awareness of nexus thinking is therefore, important. What we expect from this project is to pave the way to such thinking. During this project UNU-FLORES teams up with the Institute for the Environment at the University of Tabriz, in Iran to pilot awareness raising activities in Tabriz via a workshop combined with a field visit. While the workshop will help the experts in the region to learn more about the concept of the Nexus Approach, the local experts will share their region-specific knowledge on environmental issues with the a visiting team of workshop instructors.