Organic Waste Composting through Nexus Thinking

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    Hiroshan Hettiarachchi

    Organic waste composting is another excellent example to demonstrate the power and the benefits of nexus thinking. Even though organic waste composting itself is not a new topic, those who want to start a new project or align an ongoing project with nexus thinking, find it difficult to gather the necessary information. Although current literature covers various aspects of the composting process in detail, the information is biased towards two distinctly different sectors: WASTE from the management point of view or SOIL/AGRICULRUTRE from the nutrient recycling point of view. It is hard to find information on how these two sectors can benefit from each other, except for internal composting practices that we find sometimes within large agricultural fields/businesses. In general, municipal solid waste is handled by the municipalities while agricultural businesses are mostly in the private sector. This where the nexus thinking can help as it facilitates the mindset needed for policy integration to promote integrated management of resources. The objective of this project is to address this gap in knowledge and thinking. The project aims to accomplish this through publications that is available for mass dissemination for free. 

    • Serena Caucci Serena Caucci Associate Programme Officer
    • Lulu Zhang Lulu Zhang Associate Programme Officer | Focal Point for Agri-food and Forest Systems & Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation