Resource Nexus Analytics, Informatics and Data (AID)

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    Kaveh Madani

    The Resource Nexus Analytics, Informatics, and Data (AID) Research Programme enables the Resource Nexus approach to integrated resource management and sustainable development, This program which is expected to turn UNU-FLORES into the global hub for Resource Nexus AID, is focused on identifying, developing, and promoting data, information, computational techniques, and analytical tools that facilitate the sustainable management of water, soil, waste, energy, and geo-resources based on nexus thinking.

    As suggested by its name, the programme has three main pillars: 

    Resource Nexus DataThe Data pillar aims to facilitate data exchange and fill the data gaps for analyzing resource nexus in coupled human-environment systems. This pillar inventories the existing resource nexus data and identifies the data gaps using a problem-driven approach that help governments, societies and businesses tackle the global environmental challenges.
    Resource Nexus InformaticsThe Informatics pillar aims to build and improve the capacity for computing and processing resource nexus data. This pillar inventories, develops, and promotes the state-of-the-art tools and best practices to store, process, analyse, and manage resource nexus data in coupled human-environment systems.
    Resource Nexus AnalyticsThe Analytics pillar aims to facilitate the extraction of information from data and inform decision making by inventorying, developing, and promoting the state-of-the-art resource nexus analytical tools and frameworks.